About Cody Parmenter

Cody loves photography.

When he's not taking photos around the country, or retouching them (for not only himself, but several of the biggest names in horse show photography), he's still deep into photography. His free time is spent reading articles, looking for the newest trends, checking out the latest gear, and appreciating good photography.

Since 1998, while still in high school, Cody has got to work in professional photography. For the past ten years Wavelength Design has been his design and photography business and that's how many of you may know him. It's now time to separate the two and connect the name you know with the photography you love.

If it wasn't his job, Cody would still be taking photos. Lucky for you, he happens to love what he does and that is TO CREATE IMAGES OF WHAT YOU LOVE. So, contact him today to see how he can capture the moments that are your memories...